Die Rolle der Tradition in der Kirche: Brennpunkte und Veränderungsperspektiven

Tadeusz Dzidek, Agata Kusek


The tensions existing in the Church between the preservation of Tradition and its development have always existed. It is difficult to maintain a harmonious balance in this respect. Accentuating fidelity to Tradition means that its development remains in the shadow. And vice versa ­‑ focusing on the development process of Tradition, shifts the concern for its integrity. After the Second Vatican Council, the tensions between the Vatican and local churches concerned the synod institution, the episcopate conference and the infallible teaching of the Pope. In the future, these tensions between the preservation of tradition and development will concern celibacy of priests and priesthood of women. There is a space of freedom for new solutions in the Church, but there are also limits that cannot be crossed. No state in the Church, and no more individuals have a monopoly on the truth. It can be discerned in the community in which the Holy Spirit operates.

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The Catholic Church; tradition; development; tension; the Second Vatican Council; episcopal conference; synod; infallible teaching

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