In defense of common sense. David Hume on ‘Is’ and ‘Ought’

Szymon Osmola


In the article the author rejects traditional, logical interpretation of the famous
“Is-Ought Paragraph” from David Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature.
He argues that most of the interpreters failed to grasp the wide philosophical
background of the IsOP, which is, generally speaking, a passionate discussion
between ethical rationalists and ethical anti-rationalists in the 17th and 18th
century British philosophy. The author shows that the Hume’s main aim in
the IsOP is to strengthen his previous arguments against ethical rationalism
and to reinforce (and not subvert at all) the common-sense (vulgar) systems of
morality, likewise he did in the first book of the Treatise… in case of the theory
of knowledge. The author argues that there is no putative thesis of logic in the
IsOP, which some scholars call “Hume’s Law”.

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Hume David; is; ought; common sense; ethical rationalism; Clarke Samuel; moral sentimentalism

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