Gregory of Nyssa’s (Relational) Doctrine of Grace as an Ontology of History in Ecumenical Perspective


  • Giulio Maspero Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Italy


Słowa kluczowe:

Gregory of Nyssa, Luther Studies, Tuomo Mannermaa, Theology of History, Ecumenism


The paper shows the relevance of Gregory of Nyssa’s Trinitarian ontology for Ecumenism. In fact, the Cappadocian’s rereading of the relationship between ontology and history makes it possible to combine dynamics and being in his reading of divinization as epektasis. This seems to be relevant from the perspective of Luther studies, as it shows that Tuomo Mannermaa’s interpretation of the Reformer’s thought could be interpreted as relational and not merely dialectical. In the end, it seems that the research on a true theological ontology and the deepening of the theology of history can be useful for a better understanding of Luther’s intention and inspiration in his doctrine on grace.


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