The Analysis of Ukrainian Policy in the Field of State-Religious Education: Secondary School



Słowa kluczowe:

education, religious education, subjects of religious and moral orientation, religious organizations, normative-legal base, state-confessional relations


The article provides an overview of approaches to the organization of religious education in secondary schools of Ukraine during the period of its independence, which complements the European experience of studying this issue. Attention is paid both to the historical circumstances of the beginning of school religious education in the interaction of religious, state and educational institutions, and to modern issues related to the policy of introducing subjects of religious and moral orientation in Ukrainian schools. The current legislation in the field of religious education in a secular school, the real practice of its implementation, and the challenges that give an idea of ​​the specifics of Ukraine in this matter in the European space, are analyzed. The legislative work of Ukraine on ­resolving the issue of legal regulation of the possibility of establishing educational institutions of different levels of accreditation by religious organizations is generalized. Statistical data on the state of teaching religious and moral subjects in schools of Ukraine are analyzed. Prospects and possibilities of further teaching of religious education in the Ukrainian public school are considered.


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