Problem osobliwości początkowej jako geneza poszukiwania kwantowych teorii powstania wszechświata

Marek Jakubiec


This paper puts forward the problem of singularity – one of the most important issues in contemporary cosmology. Firstly, the history of “singularity” concept and basis of Penrose’s and Hawking’s theorem of singularity are discussed. Secondly, the problem of singularity is presented as a genesis of search of quantum theories of the beginning of the Universe, in which the concept of singularity is not present. One sophisticated concept of Hartle and Hawking is presented, in particular the authors’ methodology is described. The paper shows many possible philosophical problems which are connected with quantum cosmology.

Słowa kluczowe

singularity; quantum cosmology; Hartle – Hawking model; philosophy of cosmology; Stephen Hawking; Georges Lemaître

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