Garść uwag o semantycznym zaangażowaniu socjologów

Łukasz Remisiewicz


There is a common opinion that a researcher cannot be entirely objective. Although they can keep a semantic neutrality, their identity and social environment make it impossible to maintain this neutrality in the practice. The author tries to prove that this neutrality is impossible as well because every scientist chooses their own philosophy of language. The author shows examples of certain statements of sociology of religion confronted with three positivist requirements and ways in which the choice can influence the interpretation. We can translate the statements to become compatible with the requirements of the language but every translation is subject to risk of losing the depth, the root of thinker’s intention. Since there are many opposite views on philosophy of language a need arises to develop a sociological thought concerning this
aspect of their work.

Słowa kluczowe

meaning; objectiveness; philosophy of language; sense; sociology of religion

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