Esencjalizacja przedmiotu metafizyki w ujęciu Franciszka Suáreza SJ

Robert Goczał


Disputationes metaphysicae by Francis Suárez in its assumptions returns to the classical division into real being (ens reale) and mind­‑dependent being (ens rationis). To put it in the theoretical structure, Suárez’ theory of being is directly linked to the noetic concept of “objective being” (ens objectivum). Suárez definitely broke with a classical approach to the object of metaphysics and headed an existential reflection on being toward the essentialization. So his metaphysics is not focused on the concept of being in the aspect of existence, but is the study of abstract being as the “essence”. It is an interesting theory in historical terms, but it also suggests that it can provide in­‑depth study of previous scholastic theories. Suárez’ approach meets with the theory that clearly influenced the modern epistemology and post­‑Cartesian philosophy as a cognitive shift towards a new subjective prospect (e.g. in se conversa), in which reflection on real being was shifted toward the subject­‑consciousness representation, that is, toward the noetic reflection and mentalism).

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Francisco Suárez; metaphysics; objective being; real being; cognitive being; essentia; first intention; second intention; intentionality; the transformation of metaphysics; modern ontology

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