Czy wiara decyduje o normach moralnych?

Jan Orzeszyna


Faith is a gift, because God takes the initiative to meet people. Any person accepting the gift of faith makes God the solid foundation of his life. The Christian faith can not exist “on its own”, since God’s revelation requires the authority of the Church, to not go wrong. Therefore, it is necessary to believe in the Church, where faith also grows and develops. Anyone who loses his connection to the Church, also loses faith. Moreover, the existence of the Church confirms the truth that faith determines moral principles. Accepting baptism signifies acceptance Christian morality and Christian teaching. The modern world wants to constrain Christian faith to the private sphere. The consequence of such an action is relativism of moral norms which subsequently lose their foundation which proceeds from the authority of the Church.

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faith; privatization of faith; the authority of the Church; moral principles

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