Zasada antropiczna a dzieje kultury. Między determinizmem, tradycją i przypadkiem


  • Katarzyna Szkaradnik Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach, doktorantka


Słowa kluczowe:

accidence, destiny, fate, hermeneutics, tradition, Marquard O.


Tradition has stopped being something accepted in the natural way at present, it is inevitably a subject of reflection. In what degree does it still define us? Should we rid ourselves of it, because it is a burden and limitation? In reference to tradition, comprehended today as something eligible and not longer forming fully human fates, the authoress considers the question of determinism as well as accidence. She looks at it from the perspective of hermeneutics, wondering if in Gadamer’s idea the tradition is really predominant and captivating, and also considering the project of Odo Maquard. The philosopher sees the mission of hermeneutics in making changes there, where nothing can be changed, i.e., in our fate, but also in restoring the homeliness of world. The final thought is the reflection on how in the light of those conceptions the religion, understood as human objection against nonsense and accidence, would be located.