Argument z niedoskonałości i zła w kontekście sporu o ewolucję i inteligentny projekt

Dariusz Sagan


Intelligent design theory claims that certain biological and cosmic phenomena were designed by an intelligent being, which could just as well be natural and supernatural, and that this design is scientifically detectable. Critics often point to the imperfection of biological structures and presence of evil in the world of nature, which – according to them – unequivocally bespeaks against the intelligent design theory and, at the same time, for the theory of evolution, which is for them the only reasonable explanation of these phenomena. It turns out, however, that this argument is untenable because intelligent design theory does not exclude imperfect designs and evil in nature. The intelligent being postulated by that theory has neither to be an exquisite designer nor to possess supreme moral attributes, and even if it were the case, then the imperfection and evil could still be justified without any appeal to the theory of evolution.

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