Vol 10, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Editorial Page

Editorial Page PDF


The Problem of the Beginning of the World in the Interpretation of Saint Thomas Aquinas PDF
Tadeusz Pabjan 5-15
Homo Consumens versus Homo Patiens (The Dilemmas of Postmodern Reality) PDF
Zbigniew Bajda 17-28
Re-contextualising Catholic School Religious Education: Educating Young People Spiritually, Morally and Religiously for the 21st Century PDF
Graham Rossiter 29-66
The Activities of Salesian Teachers in Poland in the Time of World War II PDF (Italiano)
Mirosław Stanisław Wierzbicki 67-87
Mass Media as the Key Space for Preaching and Defending Christian Personalism PDF
Dariusz Oko 89-123
America Media: A Religious Media Case on the U.S. Market PDF
Leszek Gęsiak 125-137
Unresolved Childhood Abuse and Neglect in Adulthood: the Emotional Aspect in Relational Family Therapy PDF
Lidija Božac 139-154
Neurobiological and Relational Bases for Understanding Aggressiveness PDF
Saša Poljak Lukek, Tanja Valenta 155-176
When the Family becomes the Most Dangerous Place: Relations, Roles and Dynamics within Incestuous Families PDF
Tanja Repič Slavič 177-191
Personality Disorders as a Cause of the Invalidation of Catholic Marriage in Poland PDF
Wiesław Kraiński 193-213
Induced Abortion in the Contemporary Penitential Praxis of the Catholic Church. How to be an Instrument of New Hope PDF
Jan Polák 215-233
Caring for the Person and the Human Family as a Priority for the State and the Church PDF
Tadeusz Borutka 235-251
The Service of Thought. The First Decade of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow PDF
Jan Daniel Szczurek 253-282
The Ancient Roman Family in the Context of Antiquity PDF
Stanisłąw Sojka 283-302
L’oecuménisme spirituel dans le témoignage de la vie et de l’enseignement de saint Jean-Paul IISpiritual Ecumenism in the Witness of St. John Paul II through His Life and Teaching PDF (Français)
Elżbieta Wrzała 303-317

Reports, Forum

Bericht über die Internationale Konferenz: „Europa między nihilizmem post- -oświeceniowym a kwestią islamską” PDF (Deutsch)
Jóżef Stala 319-323


Book Review: The Power of Spirit… Chaplains of the Polish Army in the service for peace, security and freedom of nations, Scientific Editors: Jan Figurski, Zbigniew Kępa, Jerzy Niepsuj, Editorial Office of the Military University of Technology PDF
Lech Kościelecki 325-329