Czy starożytność powinna być inspiracją dla współczesnego prawodawcy kościelnego w dziedzinie małżeństwa i rodziny? Rozważania na kanwie kultury Grecji i Rzymu

Piotr Kroczek


Legislation is an art that takes inspiration from a variety of sources. There is a question: Should the antiquity be one of them? The paper attempts to give the answer. The author gives some proposals of such borrowing of ideas in the realm of marriage and family: making a choice of a candidate for a spouse, engagement and financial aspect of future marriage, contracting marriage without obligatory form, and a role of a father in the family. The presentation leads to the conclusion that the legislator should value culture of antiquity as a source of ideals but while borrowing the antique ideas he must follow the rules needed for such an action. The rules are presented in the paper, as postulates for good legislation.

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Legislation, Church, canon law, antiquity, Greece and Rome

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