Azienda Ospedaliera “Pia Fondazione di Culto e Religione.«Cardinale Giovanni Panico»” di Tricase (Italia)

Maria Grazia Coluccia


The article presents history of “Cardinale Giovanni Pani­co” the hospital which was transformed into Hospital-Cor­poration “Pia fondazione di culto e religione ‘Cardinale Giovanni Panico’” in Tricase, Italy. The Hospital Corporation arose from the Vatican diplomat Giovanniego Panico’s idea and initiative. The activity of the International Institute of Sisters Marcellin (Istituto Internazionale delle Suore Marcel­line) led to its actual functioning and constant development with continual help of suitable church and secular authorities.

The future cardinal was sensitive to people’s suffering and lack of suitable health care; his work in many diplomatic agencies in different countries, usually poor and neglected, led to the idea of opening a small hospital in his hometown.

The article is an attempt to show in an chronological order history and achievements of one of many Italian hospital corporations. However, the presented institution deserves special attention. The text shows how the private nursing home brought to life in 1963 (casa di cura privata) developed into an important Hospital Corporation in Italy which is defined as the only hospital-medical consortium classified as religious (ospedale religioso classificato). In the article the author does not only present mentioned chronology and achievements of the powerful medical facility, but also the role and need of transplanting on the ground of medical care catholic values as those which help to come back to physical health. The author also presents educational values of suffering in the Christian point of view.

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Giovanni Panico; Instytut Sióstr Marcelin; korporacja szpitalna; Elisa Zanchi; działalność dydaktyczna; opieka lekarska

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