Matka Boska z Lepanto – opiekunka zwycięzców i pokonanych

Marko Jacov


The naval battle of Lepanto which took place in 1571 has been the symbol of the clash between a Christian and Mu­silm world till today; the clash which has been lasting for many centuries. It is seldom noticed that on both sides of the conflict fought soldiers who were united by deep reli­gious respect for Our Lady. Worshiping Jesus’ mother was deeply rooted among confessors of Islam and also Christi­ans. When John Paul II placed the letter “M” and the motto “Totus tuus” in his coat of arms he referred to this generality of faith and huge respect for Our Lady. The ease with which his pontificate realized the dialogue between religions seems to stay with harmony with the choice he made. Thanks to him it is possible to speak openly about delicate historic issues today, among other things about the battle of Lepanto which was a taboo in relations between Muslims and Chris­tians for ages.

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: Matka Boska; Jan Paweł II; bitwa pod Lepanto; chrześcijanie; muzułmanie

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