Muzykalia gidelskie w ujęciu historycznym, dydaktycznym i artystycznym


  • Dawid Kusz Kolegium Filozoficzno-Teologiczne OO. Dominikanów, Kraków


Słowa kluczowe:

Klasztor OO. Dominikanów w Gidlach, katalog muzykaliów gidelskich, XVIII-wieczne rękopisy muzyczne, kapela gidelska, msza uroczysta, Karol Mrowiec, François Adrien Boieldieu, Johann Evangelist Brandl


This article concerns archival musical manuscripts which belonged to a musical ensemble active in the Dominican Priory in Gidle (Poland) during the years 1615 to 1915.

First, the collection of manuscripts is briefly presented, with special attention to quantity, condition and typology. The oldest preserved compositions from the period 1754 to 1799 are described and their authors identified.

In the second part, the article demonstrates how the study of this collection can contribute to knowledge of late Classical and early Romantic music. An analysis of the manuscript Missa solemnis by the French composer François-Adrien Boieldieu serves as a case study. This musical composition has not been listed in catalogues of Boieldieu’s works.

The third part of the article focuses on the question of how archival works of music can be adapted for contemporary liturgy and included in the repertoires of choirs and musical ensembles.






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