Hermeneutyka wiary Benedykta XVI – próba syntezy

Robert Głuchowski


Benedict’s theological work shows his deep interest of the findings of historical and critical biblical scholarship. This article attempts to show a part of Pope Benedict’s thought at this field. The keyword for this theme is “the hermeneutic of faith”. There are a few steps to understand this. First: the critique of historical criticism as beginning the search for a new synthesis. Second: a question about new hermeneutic based on the historical structure of Christian faith. Third: an asking about a new language (authors of Scriptures as normative theologians). Benedict points out that Scriptures are inseparable united with Church. He represents a deep understanding of the inner logic and necessity of reading of Scriptures from the heart of the Church.

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hermeneutyka wiary; Benedykt XVI; hermeneutyka biblijna; metoda historyczno-krytyczna; Biblia i Kościół; struktura wiary; normatywni teologowie

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