Osoba i kultura – odkrywanie personalnego wymiaru ludzkiej kultury

Michał Drożdż


The present paper is an attempt at an analysis of the anthropological and ethical dimension and foundation of media culture. Culture is herein regarded as a space for a person’s manifestation and communication. While in search of the most deeply rooted foundations of the personalistic concept of culture, it seems worthwhile to recall a fundamental truth that genus humanum arte et ratione vivit. It is a truth which reveals a close connection and dependence between the human dimension of life and the rationality of culture. On the one hand, the personalistic deep-rootedness of media culture shows the human being in the large-scale character of culture; on the other hand, it emphasizes the fact that it is the human being that is the subject and creator of culture.

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kultura; osoba; komunikacja wartości; etyka; kultura medialna; media; wartości

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