Gabriel Marcel – muzyka i odnajdywanie Boga

Czesław Noworolnik


Man, wondering for himself discovers the existence of the spiritual world. The source of this spiritual reality can only be the most perfect spiritual being, namely God. There are different routes to encounter with God. This article shows one of these human paths to God, which was crossed by the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel. For Gabriel Marcel his personal an experience of the beauty of music has become an important factor in the meeting with God, who is the source of all the beauty. The first part of the article presents some small outline of the Church’s teaching on beauty as an attribute of God. God is the highest (absolute) beauty and the source of all beauty. Each created beauty participates in this highest beauty and it is the image of the Creator and His beauty. In an art, and therefore also in music, as the Church teaches (recently John Paul II and Benedict XVI spoke about it), man can find a reflex of God’s beauty. Music can therefore be one of the way to God. In the next part of the article is presented an important impact that music has had on the life and philosophical thought of Marcel. Music was accompanied our author throughout all his life. Marcel often listened the music. He played the piano and composed his own pieces. Music was also a tool with which Marcel explored the deepest crannies of the human spirit. Music helped Marcel meet One who is the source of beauty. It is to this theme to which is dedicated the last part of the article. Marcel has sought and found the way to find the eternal and personal THOU. Music and theater were to the French thinker the „creative testimony” of the spiritual and transcendent world. In conclusion we can say that the meeting with the great, beautiful music opens man up to the spiritual world. Music opens man to God who is the source of what is beautiful in the world, so we can say that music is a trace of God. Gabriel Marcel, his life experiences and philosophical obserwation can serve the man as a guidepost in his searching of God.

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Bóg; Gabriel Marcel; muzyka; piękno; przymioty Boga; filozofia; dowody na istnienie Boga

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