Akty strzeliste jako wyrazy wiary i pobożności chrześcijańskiej

Jan Szczych


Enchiridion indulgentiarum of Vatican treats, among others, of prayers of aspiration (aspirations), commonly called ejaculatory prayers (ejaculations), which are complements to individual indulgences. According to the document, an ejaculatory prayer is usually very short, expressed verbally or as a thought and as such externalizes a Christian’s internal attitude.

Among pious invocations, it is possible to distinguish prayers which spontaneously flow from within a believer’s inside and those that have been confirmed by worshippers’ long practice or are customarily acknowledged. A collection of these prayer formulas as well as reflection on their content shows not only a believer’s individual piety but also portrays a praying person’s depth of consciousness of salvational occurrences. Thus, aspirations, whilst preserving their simplicity and expressiveness of significance, become a believer’s undisputed proof of faith and devotion.

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pobożne wezwanie; akt strzelisty; pobożność; modlitwa; wyraz wiary

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