Vol 9, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


65 Anniversary of the Krakow Curia Trial PDF
Marek Jędraszewski 5-8
Stalinism in Poland PDF
Filip Musiał 9-23
Stalinization, de-Stalinization, and re-Stalinization. 1953 behind the “Iron Curtain” PDF
Rafał Opulski 25-39
Actions against the Catholic Church in Polish People’s Republic till 1953 PDF
Adam Dziurok 41-52
Enslavement of the Church in Poland in 1953 PDF
Łucja Marek 53-68
The Polish Church and the “Thaw” of 1956 PDF
Michał Wenklar 69-90
The Stalinist Trial of Bishop Czesław Kaczmarek, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Kielce PDF
Tomasz Domański 91-108
Empire; maps; borders; mental cartography; image-based geography; national territory PDF
Victoria Vengerska 109-120
Ethical Aspects of Euthanasia. Introduction to the Debate PDF
Karol Bajda 121-133
New Challenges for the Catholic Vision of the Vocation of Women and Men PDF
Józef Stala 135-148
Perspectives on the Development of Sponsorship of Catholic Ministerial Organizations with Particular Reference to Health Care PDF
Paweł Kaleta 149-167
The Impact of Early Aggression on Late Development PDF
Christian Gostečnik, Robert Cvetek, Tanja Pate, Saša Poljak Lukek, Barbara Simonič, Tanja Valenta, Tanja Repič Slavič 169-191
Are Childhood Sexual Abuse and Intimate Safety in Adult Intimate Relationships Correlated? PDF
Drago Jerebic, Sara Jerebic 193-206
Developing Religious Thinking Using C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia PDF
Dana Hanesová, Pavel Hanes, Daniela Masariková 207-230
The Importance of the Diocesan Synod to the Particular Church PDF
Robert Kantor 231-244

Reports, Forum

Das Gedenken an den „Tag des Martyriums der polnischen Geistlichkeit“ im Jahr 2018 PDF (Deutsch)
Sławomir Kęszka 245-248
Bericht über die internationale Wissenschaftskonferenz: „The Strong Family as the Foundation of a Healthy Society” PDF (Deutsch)
Józef Stala 249-252
Der pädagogische und pflegerische Enthusiasmus von Hanna Chrzanowska PDF (Deutsch)
Elżbieta Osewska 253-256
Bericht über die internationale Konferenz: „Polonia Restituta”, Krakau, 29. April 2019 PDF (Deutsch)
Elżbieta Osewska 257-259


Book review: Grzegorz Godawa, Functioning of the family of a child in home hospice care. A thanatopedagogical study, Toruń 2016: Publishing House AKAPIT, pp. 452 PDF
Mirosław Szymański 261-265
Book review Albín Masarik: Grieving with Hope. Selected Aspects of Funeral Sermons, Cumbria 2017, Langham Global Library, Carlisle, ISBN 9 781783 683772, pp. 166 PDF
Anton Fabian 267-269