Działalność patriotyczna i wychowawcza Urszuli Ledóchowskiej

Kinga Trojanowska


Julia Ledóchowska was born on April 17, 1861 in Loosdorf. When she was 21, she joined a monastery in Cracow and took the new monastery’s name – Ursula. As she graduated school in France, she was allowed to teach French language. In the Ursuline School she taught natural sciences and mathematics. As a Mother Superior, she funded a boarding house for a girls in 1905. Two years later in 1907 she started to run the boarding house for girls in Petersburg. In years 1911–1914 she has organized cottage in Merentahti and gymnasium with catholic chapel. When the First world war has started, the nun Ursula went to Stockholm and she stayed there till 1915. In Sweden she helped with popularizing Committee For Help War Victims in Poland. She raised money, as well as organized lectures on polish history for Scandinavian people. On June 1, 1916 she formed Committee by herself. In years 1916–1918 the nun Ursula has established a foreign language school for a girl in Djursholm – Sprakinstut which was the first language school in whole Scandinavia. In Djursholm she was a editor of the first catholic period Solglimtar (meaning sunrays). In Scandinavia, she took part in many conferences and gave a lot speeches. She also published her book entitled Polonica, in which she presented articles about polish history, art and literature in a Scandinavian language. In Denmark situation of polish child was very bad. The mortality among Polish workers left many homeless child. The nun Ursula has organized for the orphanage for then. On 10 September, 1918 she funded economic school in Aalborg. When the WWI finished, Ursula Ledóchowska returned to independent Poland. She established a new section of the Ursuline Sister of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus. On 7 June, 1920 the monastery got permission for the canonical erection. In Pniewy by the monastery, there was a school for a girl, which was changed into the 3-yearschool for economy teachers. it was took change for 3 years economy teachers. Sister Ursula established several Female Boarding School Houses in Warsaw, Poznań and Wilno. She brought Eucharistic Crusade to Poland. Sister Ursula died on May 29, 1939. She became blessed on June 20, 1983, and was canonized by pope John Paul II on May 18, 2003.

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siostra Urszula Ledóchowska; Zakon Sióstr Urszulanek Unii Rzymskiej (OSU); działalność wychowawcza i patriotyczna; Zakon Sióstr Urszulanek Serca Jezusa Konającego (SJK) w Pniewach

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